How does a KiDSfit work?

A KiDSfit is a wrist watch worn by your child. It requires a sim card with credit to work (we provide a sim card with every watch). The watch will have its own unique phone number (like a normal mobile phone). You are able to phone your child and visa versa. Our watches will also show the GPS coordinates for your child, so you’ll always know of their whereabouts. You’re also able to send text messages to the watch, as well as voice messages and many other features!

What makes KiDSfit different to other kids GPS watches?

All of our watches support 4G and video calling. 4G watches are very fast at processing information (for example, if you send a message to your child via the app, your child will receive this instantly, where cheap 2G watches are slower, and less reliable). The sound quality is also better, and clearer. Our new range of watches use our new KiDSfit app and our customer support are based in the U.K

Is there any difference between the watches?

Only the physical appearance of the watches are different. They all have the same settings and functions as each other.

Why are some watches for ages 5-12 and 8+ ?

This is just a guide. ALL of our watches will fit all children’s wrists, but we’ve found that a watch like the Flow model is more suited for slightly older kids because of it’s simple design than, the Paws watch for example, as these are designed and marketed for younger kids

Can the watches video call each-other?

The watches can’t video call each-other, only the parent(s) that have the app installed on their phone can have a video call with the watch.

Can I send a text message to the watch?

Yes you can! (via the KiDSfit app) although the watch can’t text back but can send voice messages back to the app, as well as two way calling, like a mobile phone

Do I have to use the sim card that you provide?

Not at all. If you would rather use another sim card, we recommend getting one (for free) at – www.allsimcards.co.uk
Our watches will only work with pay as you go sim cards, not pay monthly/contract.

Can I use the watch abroad?

Yes you can. Our watches can be used in the UK and Europe.

What happens if I don't like the watch?

No worries at all. Please return the watch to us within 1 month of purchase and we’ll refund you. No quibble, no questions. The watch would need to be returned to us in the same condition that it was dispatched.

Will video calling and sending messages to the watch be free if the watch is connected to home WiFi?

Yes. Once you connected the watch to your home WiFi, the data won’t be used from the sim card.

We will keep updating the FAQ with questions that we receive from our customers, but should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us – [email protected]